Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience we've listed our frequently asked questions below. Simply click on the question, and the accordion box will expand to reveal the answer.

If your question is not in this list be sure to contact us and we'll answer any questions you may have. We may even add your question to the this list if it comes up more often!

I would like to come and see the kennel prior to booking. How and when can I do that?

We encourage kennel visits during regular check-in and check-out times. Kennel viewing is by appointment only.

I'm unsure how well my pet will do at a kennel, can I bring him/her in to see how he/she responds?

Some guests do not adapt well to a kennel environment or new care givers and for this reason we may ask that you come with your pet one week in advance of your booked accommodations date for a Meet 'n Greet  to ensure it will be an enjoyable stay for everyone.

What can I do to help my pet adjust?

It is not uncommon for pets to take a day to adjust to their new surroundings. Therefore we ask pet owners to bring their pet's own food, "blankie" and favorite toys too  - just remember to bring them home with you after your pet's stay.  It's also in your pet's best interest to inform us of any allergies, habits and characteristic traits that may help us to make their stay more enjoyable.

If I get my pet vaccinated today, can I bring in my pet tomorrow?

No.  A pet needs to have had their vaccinations at least one week prior to being brought into the kennel.  Some pets may have a reaction or become ill from vaccinations and this may not be evident for a day or two after the vaccines are administered.

I am going to need care for my pet for 2 weeks. Do you offer a discount for longer stays?

Yes we do offer a discount of 5% on stays that exceed 15 days, and 10% on stays that exceed 30 days.  These discounts are not valid during peak seasons.

We have 3 small dogs. Can they share the same kennel?

We allow up to 2 dogs per kennel for medium to large breed dogs (over 15 inches high) and will allow up to 3 dogs per kennel if they are small breed dogs (up to 15 inches high).  Discounted pricing applies.

I am looking for a day care situation for my pet. Do you offer this service?

Yes, when we have the room we are happy to offer you day care for your pet. Contact us for more information.

My pet is on a special diet. Can I bring his/her own food and will I get a discount off the standard price?

We ask that all pet owners bring their pet's own food. If you bring your own food, we will waive the fee of $3/day per dog for food.

My pet needs a pill every day, can you give him/her these?

Yes, bring along a detailed listing of medication instructions and a means to administer if necessary, for example dog treats for hiding pills etc. We may charge extra for the administration of injections.

My pet is getting older. What are your procedures if he/she is becomes ill while in your care?

We have a "sick bay" which is a fully segregated kennel, just for situations like this.  If we deem the situation to be more serious, we will bring your pet to your specified veterinary clinic for assessment and care.  All pet owners are required to give us authorization as to the maximum amount of money they are willing to spend on their pet in the event that we are unable to reach them and need to bring their pet to the vet.

I have a high energy pet. How much time will they have to play and run around outside of their kennel area?

All dogs are turned out into an exercise yard 4 times a day for approximately 30 minutes depending on the weather.  While they are out, we offer toys, balls and some extra patting and human contact. If they need additional exercise we offer personalized walks up to 50 minutes long.

My dog is great with people, but really doesn’t like other dogs. Is this a problem?

No.  In our general facility each dog is provided their own individual kennel which is separated by concrete walls so that they can hear each other, but can't see each other.  Non-social / aggressive dogs will be put into the exercise yards individually - unless they are boarding with "family" - and each yard is double fenced so that they are unable to get in contact with each other through fence lines. There may be an additional fee for non-social / aggressive dogs.

My pet can be somewhat of an escape artist. How secure are your yards?

Our yards have a 6 foot high chain linked non-climb fence.  Unfortunately, if your dog can jump over this height, can chew through a chain linked fence or is prone to dig under fences, we cannot guarantee their confinement and an alternate care solution may be more suitable.

My pet just came from a rescue situation and is very nervous and hates noise or contained environments. He/she is not aggressive to people or other dogs, but I am concerned. What next?

In these types of extreme situations, it is best to test your pet's ability to adapt to a kennel.  Possibly bring your pet in for a one or two night stay while you are still home.  If for any reason, we have concerns that your pet will injure themselves or we have concerns that we are just not able to contain them (some dogs have been known to chew through chain linked fencing), we will contact you immediately and have you pick them up. Better safe than sorry.